The Status Report: Progress on 1.0, Updates and Coming Features 1.1

First, a big thank you to those who’ve downloaded the app in the opening week. We have intentionally “soft launched” the Android app to make sure core features are working smoothly. Non-Spoiler Alert: They are. More on that in a bit. As we finalize the iOS app and submit it to the App Store, we will make the official announcement of additional features included in the “live” version as well as opportunities to win prizes for sharing and downloading the app.

We (Jared, Alex, Ryan, and the FreshFridge team) are extremely proud to put our idea out on the open market. FreshFridge is the first step in our grand scheme and it starts with an app that encourages and simplifies tracking food in your home from purchase to yummy consumption. We’re going to post updates like these on a bi-weekly basis to keep you in the loop on progress and features. You, our users, are our most important feedback loop and we want to keep you interested (hopefully) and excited (even hopefullier….it’s a word, trust us).


The current Beta version of the app in the Play Store is holding up well. With a 2.23% crash rate, we are comfortable with the issues triggered, their fixes, as well as the rate they are occurring. We highly recommend Fabric/Crashalytics for app development. It’s been great to use and identify issues within our app. For the non-tech founder, there are sweet looking graphs like the one above to keep you clued in without the code.

With Android UAT looking solid, we are ready to upload the iOS version next week. We will need more users for that test and thankfully have a number of folks lined up ready to “break” the app. We will give that a week to run and launch the “going public” version in March. Hopefully full of new features….

Coming Soon

There are some obvious features missing from the beta test which we will be implementing in the 1.1 update or at minimum 1.2 update. Here are some of the need to have features we’ve identified:

  1. Sorting (expiring first, alphabetical, etc)
  2. Categories (Dairy, Meat, Produce, Cleaning Products, Dry Goods, etc)
  3. Move to Refrigerator (from Pantry) and vice versa
  4. UPC not found notification (will store generic product information, which is often not in a database, so you don’t have to keep typing it in)

We also have a few secret ideas, which will seem obvious once they are implemented, but we want to keep you guessing for a few weeks.

 The Wrap Up

Thank you again for your interest in FreshFridge. We hope you are enjoying the app and would love your feedback. If you want to talk directly with us, please email: and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Take Care,

Jared, Alex, Ryan, and the FreshFridge Team



Building an app.

I’m thrilled to say we are almost ready to launch FreshFridge into Beta Release. We’ve worked hard with our developer and design team to work out tweaks and optimize the user experience for our unique app.

FreshFridge is a great tool for helping families, roommates, or anyone looking to keep better track of the contents of their refrigerator and pantry.

We added an easy to use barcode scanner to quickly grab information from everyday goods. And if you’re running low on something, add it to your shopping list.

Sign up for our mailing list so you know when we go live. We’d love your feedback as we improve the app over the coming months.

Be well,

Alex, co-founder of FreshFridge